Monday, February 28, 2011

October 2010 Monthly Update

October 2010

Call me crazy, but I worked the day after my surgery. I booked a PLAYBOY TV gig in which I wore a bikini and partied all day all the while on vicodin. Then I had an audition for Paula Abdul’s new dance show entitled “Got To Dance,” and of course I attended making sure not to raise my left arm above shoulder level…I wasn’t quite successful at this attempt; however, I booked the job! I filmed three days later and got to shoot the promotion for the show with her and various eclectic dancers! The promo should air around the holidays and Super Bowl! I also attended another dance audition for an Apple industrial and ended up having to cut myself after making it past round 1 because I was not physically healed for partner work including lifts. It was a comical situation because while standing in the line up from shortest to tallest, the choreographer asked who is comfortable doing partner work?” I raised my hand and said, “I am capable of partner work and lifts, but I just had my left breast implant corrective surgery less than a week ago and I’m not really functional right this moment, but I will be healed in time for the performances.” The choreographer suggested I not risk ruining my new breast and jokingly commented “only in LA,” in reference to my acceptable excuse.

Because my surgeon, Dr. Garth Fisher, ordered me to take it easy for the entire month, I did listen to him…kind of. I managed to book a couple non-physical jobs to keep me busy and pay my bills. I was hired as an audience member for the Scream Awards dressed as a Goth chick in a tutu; a super fun event! I filmed an episode of CSI: LA as a bartender dressed scantily clad. (; I even flew to Dallas to hang with family and friends while I healed. While there, I finally attended a Dallas Cowboys game at the new stadium with my mother and her fellow employees. We tailgated before the game and then took our reserved seats since her company did all the electrical work in the stadium. It was really something to see! I also went to a Dallas Mavericks game thanks to my mother's employee who dances for the Mavs! That very same weekend while in Dallas, the Texas Rangers won the Western Division. It was a proud weekend to be a Texan! But like I said, I kind of listened to my doctor by taking it semi easy while go-go dancing at CLUB FLAUNT. I also filmed a TV show pilot portraying a deadly sin by performing my Jessica Rabbit striptease routine; fingers crossed that it gets picked up!

Towards the end of the month, I was cleared to increase my physical activity, so more go-go dancing at rock bar LOADED and at a private Halloween party with my girlfriends. Thank goodness this month of “no heighten activity” was complete, so I can go back to my usual physical life!


Amber Strauser

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