Monday, February 28, 2011

March 2010 Monthly Update

March 2010

Another busy month! Nuclear Cowboyz shows over the weekends in Birmingham, San Diego, Seattle, and Anaheim and the best part was two of the cities I drove instead of flew, so much more convenient! During the week I continued go-go dancing at PLAYHOUSE and VOYEUR nightclubs in Hollywood. I also booked an Adidas party at “The Roosevelt” and performed with Snoop Dogg. Another perk to the evening was the flashy Adidas silver sequin kicks I got to keep!

I also filmed quite a bit for television this month. I performed with “Fantasy” on “Good Day L.A.” I filmed an episode of Jerry Springer’s BAGGAGE airing on the Game Show Network in April 2010. I also booked a “Shape Ups” SKETCHERS commercial as a featured extra and got bumped up to principal. The former principal was too skinny and since I have muscular quads and calves and a juicy booty, I was rewarded nicely! (: Finally some love to the curvy, voluptuous chicks instead of all the love going to skinny bitches who give you splinters!

I continued my weekly host classes and also added a six-week acting intensive at Warner Loughlin Studios. Her method is imagination based and exceptionally helpful in taking my acting to a whole new level. I am finally ready and focused to slowly make a career transition from dance to acting! Dance is still my bread and butter and my #1 passion, but I have a new romance with the craft of acting! Acting is my second career in life. And man is it ever difficult and exhausting trying to build a successful career from scratch, especially in L.A. I’m trying to keep a positive outlook and not allow doors closing in my face to keep me down and out, I WILL persevere!


Amber Strauser

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