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December 2010 Monthly Update

December 2010

Even though I use to live in Milan back in 2005, it was nice to visit again! While in Milan, I attended the ALTERBRIDGE concert because the friend I was traveling with represents the band. Super talented and welcoming, after their concert, my friend and I boarded their tour bus headed for Rome. I was able to sleep 8 hours on the bus and wake up in Rome; a perfect way to travel. It reminded me of cruise ship life only on wheels. While in Rome, I visited the famous Coliseum, Vatican and Sistine Chapel. Not much had changed since last visiting these sights ten years ago. After sightseeing, my friend and I saw ALTERBRIDGE in concert again. Our next stop was Pisa to see the leaning tower. It was a beautiful sunny day, and I couldn’t believe this stone and marble tower was able to exist on such a slant. I climbed to the top to take pictures of the city and then enjoyed shopping and walking around this quaint town. Finally Venice! Aside from the rain and cold, Venice was picture perfect! I LOVED this city!!! I took a gondola ride and loved every minute of the adventure around this stunning underwater city, literally! I had the best time walking around the stone paths shopping and admiring the architecture. I didn’t want to leave, but snowy Prague awaits.

Even though it snowed in Prague, I wasn’t bothered by the cold like I was in Italy. This medieval city was picturesque; I LOVED this city too! I walked around the city viewing the various castles, churches, and historical buildings and even took an underground tour of the Prague catacombs. Unfortunately, Prague catacombs were nothing compared to the Paris catacombs; however, the best story I heard while in Prague was that of the clockmaker. People in Prague hated on this clockmaker who created such a magnificent humongous town clock that they put iron in his eyes so that he could no longer create such amazing clocks…HATERS!

Next stop, Amsterdam! The wind made this country seem the coldest of all. I had been to Amsterdam when I worked on cruise ships eleven years ago, but I didn’t remember Amsterdam as being so beautiful back then. I really enjoyed the city and the best part of this city was my childhood dance friend, Mary, who came to visit me! Of course I stopped of in the “Red Light” district to view the women and male on lookers; however, I did not smoke pot.

Back in LA, my dear friend whom I performed and lived with on cruise ships ten years ago and then we were neighbors in Hollywood for five years, well he performed at the Nokia Club a couple nights on the last leg of his tour and so I went to support. Adam Lambert, I am so proud of you and excited that you are living your dream! You were raw, real, raunchy and I loved every minute of your concert as did the many grandmothers, mothers, daughters, and gays(: You appealed to everyone, not just one type, and I admire your truth and loyalty you have to yourself as an artist! I sure miss you, but I'm glad to have seen you after your show! Keep rockin and it's refreshing to know hard work and determination pays off!

Also while at home in Cali, Nuclear Cowboyz 2011 Tour rehearsal started! I am thrilled to be apart of the Nuclear Cowboyz tour again! There are four dancers returning and four new rookies joining the team. I was appointed dance captain, which means it is my responsibility to make sure the dance routines, are clean, address any issues the dancers may have, and be their voice. The show added six male acrobats as well as another quad and trials rider. There are a few new freestyle motocross riders this year as well as many returning. It will be another magnificent tour!

I booked a few gigs go-go dancing at PLAYHOUSE and CLUB FLAUNT, cocktail waitressed at a private party at THE HIDEOUT and at a poker party, and I got paid to sit as a featured audience member at reality vocal contest show THE SING OFF. Christmas eve night I drove to Vegas and spent Christmas with my dear friend, Brian, before flying to Tampa for a two week Nuclear Cowboyz rehearsal. Unlike last New Years Eve where I was stuck in a terminal at the Las Vegas airport among strangers peering out the window at the strip as fireworks lit up the sky with no alcoholic beverage in hand, this year I was surrounded by friends and double fisted Jack & Diet in one hand and a Jager Bomb in the other! It was the perfect way to end 2010 and to kick off 2011!


Amber Strauser

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