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December 2010 Monthly Update

December 2010

Even though I use to live in Milan back in 2005, it was nice to visit again! While in Milan, I attended the ALTERBRIDGE concert because the friend I was traveling with represents the band. Super talented and welcoming, after their concert, my friend and I boarded their tour bus headed for Rome. I was able to sleep 8 hours on the bus and wake up in Rome; a perfect way to travel. It reminded me of cruise ship life only on wheels. While in Rome, I visited the famous Coliseum, Vatican and Sistine Chapel. Not much had changed since last visiting these sights ten years ago. After sightseeing, my friend and I saw ALTERBRIDGE in concert again. Our next stop was Pisa to see the leaning tower. It was a beautiful sunny day, and I couldn’t believe this stone and marble tower was able to exist on such a slant. I climbed to the top to take pictures of the city and then enjoyed shopping and walking around this quaint town. Finally Venice! Aside from the rain and cold, Venice was picture perfect! I LOVED this city!!! I took a gondola ride and loved every minute of the adventure around this stunning underwater city, literally! I had the best time walking around the stone paths shopping and admiring the architecture. I didn’t want to leave, but snowy Prague awaits.

Even though it snowed in Prague, I wasn’t bothered by the cold like I was in Italy. This medieval city was picturesque; I LOVED this city too! I walked around the city viewing the various castles, churches, and historical buildings and even took an underground tour of the Prague catacombs. Unfortunately, Prague catacombs were nothing compared to the Paris catacombs; however, the best story I heard while in Prague was that of the clockmaker. People in Prague hated on this clockmaker who created such a magnificent humongous town clock that they put iron in his eyes so that he could no longer create such amazing clocks…HATERS!

Next stop, Amsterdam! The wind made this country seem the coldest of all. I had been to Amsterdam when I worked on cruise ships eleven years ago, but I didn’t remember Amsterdam as being so beautiful back then. I really enjoyed the city and the best part of this city was my childhood dance friend, Mary, who came to visit me! Of course I stopped of in the “Red Light” district to view the women and male on lookers; however, I did not smoke pot.

Back in LA, my dear friend whom I performed and lived with on cruise ships ten years ago and then we were neighbors in Hollywood for five years, well he performed at the Nokia Club a couple nights on the last leg of his tour and so I went to support. Adam Lambert, I am so proud of you and excited that you are living your dream! You were raw, real, raunchy and I loved every minute of your concert as did the many grandmothers, mothers, daughters, and gays(: You appealed to everyone, not just one type, and I admire your truth and loyalty you have to yourself as an artist! I sure miss you, but I'm glad to have seen you after your show! Keep rockin and it's refreshing to know hard work and determination pays off!

Also while at home in Cali, Nuclear Cowboyz 2011 Tour rehearsal started! I am thrilled to be apart of the Nuclear Cowboyz tour again! There are four dancers returning and four new rookies joining the team. I was appointed dance captain, which means it is my responsibility to make sure the dance routines, are clean, address any issues the dancers may have, and be their voice. The show added six male acrobats as well as another quad and trials rider. There are a few new freestyle motocross riders this year as well as many returning. It will be another magnificent tour!

I booked a few gigs go-go dancing at PLAYHOUSE and CLUB FLAUNT, cocktail waitressed at a private party at THE HIDEOUT and at a poker party, and I got paid to sit as a featured audience member at reality vocal contest show THE SING OFF. Christmas eve night I drove to Vegas and spent Christmas with my dear friend, Brian, before flying to Tampa for a two week Nuclear Cowboyz rehearsal. Unlike last New Years Eve where I was stuck in a terminal at the Las Vegas airport among strangers peering out the window at the strip as fireworks lit up the sky with no alcoholic beverage in hand, this year I was surrounded by friends and double fisted Jack & Diet in one hand and a Jager Bomb in the other! It was the perfect way to end 2010 and to kick off 2011!


Amber Strauser

November 2010 Monthly Update

November 2010

This month was full of action and travel! I was invited by a friend to attend the 100th show of DANCING WITH THE STARS! Wow, what a treat! Plus, there were several fellow Texans in the audience from my past: Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, and a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.

I teamed up with BOOK PALS, which is an organization made up of SAG members who volunteer to read to elementary school kids and/or kids in hospitals. I try to dedicate one hour one day a week to read to 2nd and 3rd graders in between all of my traveling, acting and dance classes, and hustling. It is really empowering to me knowing I am inspiring young children. Children have such an innocent and lively energy that is contagious and reading to them weekly is rewarding!

I was able to cross another item off of my “30 Before 30 List;” I went zip lining in Costa Rica! It wasn’t scary at all speeding through dry forests on a chain and pulley. I was also able to unwind and relax before making my monthly appearance in FANTASY at Luxor in Las Vegas. I signed up for Oprah’s “No Phone Zone” which was another item accomplished on my list.

Off to Iraq on my thirteenth military tour with the PURRFECT ANGELZ spending two weeks in country including Thanksgiving Day with the US Troops! I was really excited for this tour because I had choreographed a new routine called “Boots and Boys.” Supermodels strutting on a catwalk and women who rock their own style, were the inspiration behind my flirty routine. It was more about an attitude and spacial patterns as opposed to a plethora of movement. It was a hit! Speaking of hit, the evening before Thanksgiving Day and night of Thanksgiving Day, the base we Angelz stayed at for three nights in Basra was bombed three times; I have to admit, in all my tours, this tour I was actually scared! Waking up in the middle of the night, discombobulated to alarms and a count down till implosion, was a terrifying experience two of the three nights. Granted we each had a bunker to roll out of bed and into during such situations as this, but living this way for months and years at a time was unimaginable. Reality of war really sunk into my soul as I laid under my bunker with my hands over my ears and mouth open (it is not the explosion that kills people it’s the pressure from the explosion internally if the pressure has no way out of the body) listening to a recording over the loudspeaker “Incoming! Incoming!” as the sound of missiles fired and land explosively on base. It sounded like the bombs were right outside. Finally after 10 or more seconds, which seemed like an eternity silence crept over the night until a soldier announced over the loud speaker to make sure everyone was accounted for. Was it over? If I go back to sleep will I be awakened again by such alarms and explosions? Can I even sleep after all of this? Somehow I managed to fall back asleep not knowing that tomorrow night will be much worse.

It was Thanksgiving Day and it was a beautiful day in Iraq. The sun was shining, festive decorations were hung around base, the Troops looked forward to a day full of football and a food feast along with the Purrfect Angelz show later that night. I was in my trailer packing my show bag and sirens went off accompanied by “Incoming! Incoming!” I swiftly dove under my bunker and I assumed the position: hands over ears and mouth open and eyes closed as I prayed to God that all is safe on base and please stop this chaos. Thirty bombs were fired onto base and a building was hit. Fortunately, no one was in the building because all the guys who should have been working decided to leave early, grab a bite of food and get good seats at the Purrfect Angelz show; it’s official we truly are Angelz! In SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN, before his comical “Make’em Laugh” stint, Donald Conner says, “Come rain, come shine, come snow, come sleet, the show must go on!” I say, “Come sand, come shine, come bombs, come heat, the show must go on!” That evening reminded me why I travel to war zones entertaining US Troops twice a year, and I’m looking forward to the many more tours to come!

Aside form the mortar attacks, I met the EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) crews at various bases and I even put on the same suit they wear when detonating bombs. One crew arranged bombs to be detonated by us Angelz for fun, so I pulled the pin linked to a bomb and watched it explode, super cool! I was also excited to have the chance to learn more about these courageous men on a personal level who talked happily about their wives and children and some of their close calls.

Less than 24 hours in L.A. and I’m off to Europe again but for vacation this time! Why didn’t I just stay on that side of the world you ask? Well, I didn’t want to wear show costumes for another two weeks, nor did I have enough space in my luggage to pack for two more weeks in cold, snowy Italy, Prague and Amsterdam. Ahhhhhhh a much-deserved vacation, I cannot wait!


Amber Strauser

October 2010 Monthly Update

October 2010

Call me crazy, but I worked the day after my surgery. I booked a PLAYBOY TV gig in which I wore a bikini and partied all day all the while on vicodin. Then I had an audition for Paula Abdul’s new dance show entitled “Got To Dance,” and of course I attended making sure not to raise my left arm above shoulder level…I wasn’t quite successful at this attempt; however, I booked the job! I filmed three days later and got to shoot the promotion for the show with her and various eclectic dancers! The promo should air around the holidays and Super Bowl! I also attended another dance audition for an Apple industrial and ended up having to cut myself after making it past round 1 because I was not physically healed for partner work including lifts. It was a comical situation because while standing in the line up from shortest to tallest, the choreographer asked who is comfortable doing partner work?” I raised my hand and said, “I am capable of partner work and lifts, but I just had my left breast implant corrective surgery less than a week ago and I’m not really functional right this moment, but I will be healed in time for the performances.” The choreographer suggested I not risk ruining my new breast and jokingly commented “only in LA,” in reference to my acceptable excuse.

Because my surgeon, Dr. Garth Fisher, ordered me to take it easy for the entire month, I did listen to him…kind of. I managed to book a couple non-physical jobs to keep me busy and pay my bills. I was hired as an audience member for the Scream Awards dressed as a Goth chick in a tutu; a super fun event! I filmed an episode of CSI: LA as a bartender dressed scantily clad. (; I even flew to Dallas to hang with family and friends while I healed. While there, I finally attended a Dallas Cowboys game at the new stadium with my mother and her fellow employees. We tailgated before the game and then took our reserved seats since her company did all the electrical work in the stadium. It was really something to see! I also went to a Dallas Mavericks game thanks to my mother's employee who dances for the Mavs! That very same weekend while in Dallas, the Texas Rangers won the Western Division. It was a proud weekend to be a Texan! But like I said, I kind of listened to my doctor by taking it semi easy while go-go dancing at CLUB FLAUNT. I also filmed a TV show pilot portraying a deadly sin by performing my Jessica Rabbit striptease routine; fingers crossed that it gets picked up!

Towards the end of the month, I was cleared to increase my physical activity, so more go-go dancing at rock bar LOADED and at a private Halloween party with my girlfriends. Thank goodness this month of “no heighten activity” was complete, so I can go back to my usual physical life!


Amber Strauser

September 2010 Monthly Update

September 2010

I accomplished more tasks on my “30 Before 30 List” this month. I had my left implant surgically corrected at the end of the month; it was not as painful the second time around. I registered to vote...FINALLY! I plan on taking the time to research and understand politics and actually use my voice in society instead of allowing media to persuade my choices. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful at donating my eggs because I did not produce enough follicles that turn into eggs to be retrieved after one week of taking the hormone shots. I guess donating my eggs to a couple was not in my plan of life at that given time, but at least I tried.

No matter how much sleep I get, I always have bags under my eyes thanks to genetics. So I decided to get restylan shots under my eyes, very similar to botox. I read a casting about a new reality show called “Pretty Hurts” looking for people who want to get cosmetic corrections without going under the knife. I am not sure when my episode will air, but I am pleased with the results!

I managed to stay busy working on commercial and film sets as a higher based paid extra for another OLD NAVY commercial and feature film titled HOLLYWOO. I performed in FANTASY at Luxor for the 2011 calendar launch. I joined a new pin up dance troupe called DIAMOND BETTYS and we performed in Santa Barbara. I shot a new BENCHWARMER card and had a signature series signing for fans who collect them. I also continued my go-go gigs at VOYEUR, PLAYHOUSE, and added a new club called THE COLONY! An overall successful month because next month, I must rest and relax so my breast will heal successfully!


Amber Stauser

August 2010 Monthly Update

August 2010

A wild month! I went to my third Sturgis motorcycle rally where I bartended and go-go danced for a week. Tune into Tru TV's FULL THROTTLE SALOON to see some of the wild fun! I worked 12-14 hour days and even won a Wild Turkey contest! My goal was to make enough money to pay for corrective surgery of left implant listed on my “30 Before 30 List.” I made my money goal, surgery here I come!

After Sturgis, I flew to Las Vegas for FANTASY at Luxor in the evenings and a tradeshow as a fit model for EMPREINTE, an upscale lingerie company, by day. Also while in Vegas, I shot for the FANTASY 2011 calendar, so keep an eye out for it!

Back to L.A. where I stayed busy go-go dancing at VOYEUR, LOADED, THE HIDEOUT and CLUB FLAUNT, I also worked on completing more of my “30 Before 30 List” such as donating my eggs. Before donating my eggs, I took several tests at a fertility clinic to make sure I was 100% healthy and psychologically healthy to handle the process before even starting hormone shots followed by the egg retrieval. After all the results came back positive, I was given the green light to help make a couple’s dream their reality!


Amber Strauser

July 2010 Monthly Update

July 2010

Finally a vacation in which I will NOT be working! I am headed to the French Polynesian islands for ten days where I will check off two items from my “30 Before 30 List” which include traveling to a place I’ve always dreamed, Bora Bora, and conquering a fear, swimming with sharks.

I flew to Tahiti and stayed overnight. The next morning I flew to Moorea. Complete paradise! I stayed in an overwater bungalow with a glass rectangle cut out in the floor so as to see the underwater fish. Each of the three days I spent in Moorea my routine consisted of ordering chocolate croissants and a yogurt where I ate in a lounge chair on the deck of the overwater bungalow while looking out at the ocean. Next, I read a book while laying on the deck soaking up the suns rays and occasionally took a dip into the ocean and watched the colorful fish (I know I stopped tanning in booths but I hadn’t given up laying under the sun). I ordered a small lunch and enjoyed it on the sun deck and then continued lying out while enjoy the stunning atmosphere. Before the sun set, I went for a jog around the hotel property and then prepared for a lovely dinner with feet in the sand facing the lagoon before I fell asleep by 11pm. It was a relaxing three days in Moorea!

The next island was the very private and isolated Ta’haa. I flew into a nearby airport from Moorea and then took a ferry to the private island in the middle of nowhere. This time I stayed in a beach bungalow that practically had its own beachfront since it was the last bungalow on the end of the island. I also stayed in Ta’haa three days and continued my same routine. Instead of lying out on the sun deck, I sunbathed in a lounge chair near the ocean and swam in the warm, clear water. When it got too hot, I kicked back in the hammock and fell asleep. Instead of jogging around the island, Ta’haa had a beautiful, well-equipped gym that I worked out in. Before leaving the stunning island, I was presented with a black pearl, a precise jewel to the French Polynesian islands.

Finally, three days in Bora Bora, a place I dreamed of going! It was very windy and more touristy than Moorea and Ta’haa but still paradise! I didn’t relax as much in Bora Bora compared to the other islands; instead I went into town to watch a cultural performance of locals singing and dancing, I canoed in the rough waters around my hotel, and on the third day I faced my fear of swimming with sharks! Before the sharks, I fed sea turtles and my new favorite animal second to hippos, the string ray. The String Rays were so smooth and soft to touch, overly friendly when it came to food and an all around cool creature of water! The String Rays kept me company as I cautiously made my way into shark-infested water. From dry land, I slowly crept into the sea as I felt each inch of my body submerge into shark territory. Other people in my group had already made it into the water and swam happily in the water, but all I wanted to do was get the #@*^ out of the water! Granted these were lemonhead sharks and blue sharks but as I saw their fins swimming around me catching fish, I froze with trepidation. Somehow I managed to doggie paddle my way to the other end of the fenced in shark pen. Sure I swam with sharks, but I still live in fear of them; I never want to do that again! I do, however, want to go shark cage diving; I think that would be a major adrenaline rush…maybe I’ll add that to my “40 Before 40 List” …LOL

After returning from my much-deserved vacation, it was time to get back to work and so I flew to Vegas to perform in FANTASY at the Luxor for a week. Upon my return to L.A., I picked up some shifts at my usual Hollywood nightclub hotspots, PLAYHOUSE and VOYEUR, and managed to start go-go dancing at a new rock bar on Hollywood called LOADED. This spot was super fun and the patrons are all awesome!

I booked an OLD NAVY commercial and shot an episode of the TV show UNDERCOVERS! I also started back at my weekly scene study class as well as took some dance classes. What a memorable month!


Amber Strauser

June 2010 Monthly Update

June 2010

Another busy month in la la land! I shot for three days as “Sienna” in a horror film called NIGHT PASSAGE.” It took place on an expensive yacht and a stab to the jugular kills me! I also booked a variety show in L.A. called SOCIAL HOUR where I was hired to perform my Jessica Rabbit choreographed striptease for a total of four nights! I’ve been trying to get my burlesque inspired classy routine to Jessica Rabbit’s “Why Don’t You Do Right” booked at birthday parties, corporate events or other public/private events so this exposure was helpful.

I appeared on TV morning show KTLA modeling beautiful knitted swimwear by MUSOTICA! In addition to PLAYHOUSE, VOYEUR, and SCORES, I picked up an extra go-go dancing gig at a karaoke bar in Santa Monica called THE HIDEOUT. Go-go dancing is not my dream job, but it sure pays the bills and is an excellent form of cardio!

I booked a super fun gig playing outdoor games such as volleyball and frisbee at the PR event for the movie THE GROWN UPS; I ended up hula hooping most of the day and chatting with my girlfriends who also booked the job, all the while getting paid! Another stand out job this month was that I experienced my first ever live boxing/MMA event as a ring card girl at THE PALADIUM! I loved it! I was seated just outside the ropes, such a great seat that a couple of the boxers’ blood splattered all over my arms…GNARLY!!!

A month is not complete without fulfilling fantasies in FANTASY at Luxor. I performed several nights this month. While in Vegas, I was able to check mark one item off of my “30 Before 30 list.” I was at my friend’s wedding in Vegas back in April, the one where I was a bridesmaid, and I was speaking to a fellow dancer about turning 30 years old and she gave me this great idea to create a bucket list to complete by age 30. One of the items on my list was to meet with a dermatologist to have a mole removed, my body checked over for skin cancer and stop tanning in a booth. I have a dermatologist friend, Dr.Greenberg, and he managed to remove my mole, he educated me on the risks of skin cancer which encouraged me to cancel my tanning membership, and he reported that I am 100% skin cancer free! I am giving myself one year from June 1, 2010 to complete my “30 Before 30 List!” I’ve got heaps to do in one year!


Amber Strauser

May 2010 Monthly Update

May 2010

I am finally SAG! I had been a SAG must join for several years until I was forced to join because I booked Steven Soderbergh’s film KNOCKOUT starring Ewan McGregor and female MMA fighter, Gina Carano. My role in his film was Gina Carano’s body double. I arrived on set at 7:30am and spent much of the morning having my tattoos covered by make-up artists. I was extremely excited to work with an Academy Award winning director to find out after lunch that because it was the last day of filming they will not be getting to my scene. I was sooooo bummed): I didn’t even get to meet Mr. Soderbergh, but I know our paths will cross again, and I’ll get to tell him the story of how we were suppose to work together!

It was a relaxed month as far as traveling was concerned. I stayed in L.A. most of the month go-go dancing at PLAYHOUSE, VOYEUR and SCORES. I did make it to Vegas to perform in “Fantasy” at the Luxor and down to Long Beach to go-go for the lesbians at CLUB FLAUNT. I shot an advertisement short for an internet gaming site in Marina Del Rey and an episode of ENTOURAGE as a high paid featured extra, not exactly what I want to be doing on a TV set, but it pays the bills and I’m around established professional actors, the very people I am striving to be! I hosted an episode on PLAYBOY TV’s “Foursomes,” which was a very interesting dating reality show. (; I even booked another film, but because I am now SAG and it was NON union I had to decline. ):

Apart from working random gigs, auditioning, and taking acting and dance classes, I took the time to nurture my soul with Bikram yoga. Gosh, Bikram yoga kicks my butt!


Amber Strauser

April 2010 Monthly Update

April 2010

The best tour ever winds down; I am having NUCLEAR COWBOYZ withdraws. The final cities of the motocross tour were in Ontario, CA and Rosemont, IL. I had several friends attend the Ontario show as well as a childhood friend, Pia, see me perform in Rosemont. Catching up with family and friends has been one of the many advantages of this tour! I really hope there will be a NUCLEAR COWBOYZ Tour in 2011!

I continued my weekly go-go gigs at PLAYHOUSE and VOYEUR and added another venue to my repertoire, SCORES. NO I do NOT strip, just go-go dance high above patrons in balconies. I traveled to Palm Springs for the infamous lesbian event entitled DINAH SHORE to go-go dance; the lesbians love me, and I appreciate their love of tipping me even though I am straight.

I booked a tradeshow as a booth babe at the famed ADULT CONVENTION in Los Angeles; porn conventions always make for interesting days. For example, I ran into Ron Jeremy again and this time I got my picture taken with him. He is so not sexy, and I don’t care how well endowed he is, if I’m not attracted to you then I ain’t sexing you!

I worked the season finale after party for the hit show “24” as a cigar girl and was appointed to keep Kiefer Sutherland’s table stocked with cigarettes. I have nothing juicy to share other than the fact that he was a nice guy. I also filmed an episode of “Millionaire Matchmaker.” Here’s a link to view:

I filmed a SAG low budget film starring Tom Sizemore in which I played “Chase’s side chick.” Basically I was hired for my looks, which is why I am enrolled in a weekly scene study class so that I can be hired for my acting with looks being icing on the cake! I’m not complaining, I do work hard for my physique whether sweating at the gym or hustling to pay for a plastic surgeon’s talents, but I want to be the red-hot redhead who has more to offer than T & A! I also had a table read for another SAG low budget film called NIGHT PASSAGE that I will film later this summer.

Last but not least, I was asked to be in my friend’s wedding as one of her bridesmaids. It was a “circus performer marries Air Force” type of wedding complete with authentic Las Vegas Showgirls and Cirque Du Soleil performers and military men in uniform. It was a beautiful wedding, and I was honored to be apart of it. This was one of the few weddings I was actually able to attend since I have missed so many of my friends’ weddings in the past; sorry y’all whom I’ve missed but I was always out of the country when you married. ): I’ve also come to realize that a wedding is an extravagant show and when you are use to performing in shows as I am, the main difference in a wedding is you don’t get paid for it; instead you are the one paying for it. So I have concluded that when and if I ever marry, my soon to be husband or my mother and my soon to be mother-in-law can be in charge of planning EVERYTHING. Give me my call time, and I’ll show up in wardrobe with hair and make-up ready!


Amber Strauser

March 2010 Monthly Update

March 2010

Another busy month! Nuclear Cowboyz shows over the weekends in Birmingham, San Diego, Seattle, and Anaheim and the best part was two of the cities I drove instead of flew, so much more convenient! During the week I continued go-go dancing at PLAYHOUSE and VOYEUR nightclubs in Hollywood. I also booked an Adidas party at “The Roosevelt” and performed with Snoop Dogg. Another perk to the evening was the flashy Adidas silver sequin kicks I got to keep!

I also filmed quite a bit for television this month. I performed with “Fantasy” on “Good Day L.A.” I filmed an episode of Jerry Springer’s BAGGAGE airing on the Game Show Network in April 2010. I also booked a “Shape Ups” SKETCHERS commercial as a featured extra and got bumped up to principal. The former principal was too skinny and since I have muscular quads and calves and a juicy booty, I was rewarded nicely! (: Finally some love to the curvy, voluptuous chicks instead of all the love going to skinny bitches who give you splinters!

I continued my weekly host classes and also added a six-week acting intensive at Warner Loughlin Studios. Her method is imagination based and exceptionally helpful in taking my acting to a whole new level. I am finally ready and focused to slowly make a career transition from dance to acting! Dance is still my bread and butter and my #1 passion, but I have a new romance with the craft of acting! Acting is my second career in life. And man is it ever difficult and exhausting trying to build a successful career from scratch, especially in L.A. I’m trying to keep a positive outlook and not allow doors closing in my face to keep me down and out, I WILL persevere!


Amber Strauser

February 2010 Monthly Update

February 2010

OMG I am having the time of my life on the Nuclear Cowboyz tour! This month I was in Indianapolis where I hung out with my uncle. Then Atlanta where I hung out with a former high school best friend and we visited the oldest strip club in Atlanta and one of Atlanta’s top 10 landmarks called “Clermont Lounge.” Next, while in Tampa I hung out with a former SMU friend and the cast at the super fun bowling alley called Splitsville. Finally, East Rutherford, but first I stopped off in NYC for several days. It was cold and snowy, but I didn’t let that keep me from shopping, going to a jazz bar, and hanging out with friends. I also got two more tattoos while in Jersey: a 12th star on my left foot symbolizing 12 military tours and a yellow ribbon in honor of U.S. Troops behind my left ear.

During the week, L.A. treated me well but due to my NYC trip and Vegas week I decided to neglect taking classes and pick back up in March. So instead I stayed busy with auditions, callbacks and go-go danced at PLAYHOUSE as well as filmed a game show pilot in which I had a tub full of live rats dumped on top of me. I could not stop screaming from disgust and managed lying on my back for 30 seconds as hungry rats squirmed around me. Another one of my episodes on Spike TV’s 1000 WAYS TO DIE aired. You may not have recognized me because I was wearing a platinum blonde bob. The title of the episode is “Lady and the Trampled.” Here is the link:

In Vegas, I worked the MAGIC and CURVE tradeshows for “Hollywood Fashion Tape” and danced in “Fantasy” at Luxor in the evenings. Thus, another successful and busy month!


Amber Staruser

January 2010 Monthly Update

January 2010

This year kicked off in Pittsburgh! It was the first city of the Nuclear Cowboyz 15-city tour. Plus I celebrated my 29th birthday that was semi forgettable thanks to the alcoholJ. The party bar has been set very high for the remainder of the Nuclear Cowboyz tour. This month we will travel to Richmond, Boston, Dallas, and Houston. While in Dallas, I visited with family and helped promote the tour with interviews on the CW 33, 102.1 the Edge on the Billy Madison Show, and 97.1 the Eagle on the Angela Chase Show.

I only tour on the weekends so during the week I am in L.A. pursuing dancing, acting, and hosting as well as continuing class in all three of those genres. I started improv class at “Groundlings.” I filmed an episode of a new game show called “Instant Recall” and I worked the NAMM tradeshow in Anaheim for FENDER. I also go-go danced at PLAYHOUSE and the other popular Hollywood hot spot. I started volunteering at a no kill animal shelter called “Friends of Animals.” I try to go one day a week if my schedule permits. Otherwise auditioning has kept me busy throughout the week. I am very pleased how 2010 has begun! Also if you missed my first episode on Spike TV’s 1000 WAYS TO DIE entitled “booby Trapped Brandy” you can check it out at this link:


Amber Strauser