Monday, February 28, 2011

June 2010 Monthly Update

June 2010

Another busy month in la la land! I shot for three days as “Sienna” in a horror film called NIGHT PASSAGE.” It took place on an expensive yacht and a stab to the jugular kills me! I also booked a variety show in L.A. called SOCIAL HOUR where I was hired to perform my Jessica Rabbit choreographed striptease for a total of four nights! I’ve been trying to get my burlesque inspired classy routine to Jessica Rabbit’s “Why Don’t You Do Right” booked at birthday parties, corporate events or other public/private events so this exposure was helpful.

I appeared on TV morning show KTLA modeling beautiful knitted swimwear by MUSOTICA! In addition to PLAYHOUSE, VOYEUR, and SCORES, I picked up an extra go-go dancing gig at a karaoke bar in Santa Monica called THE HIDEOUT. Go-go dancing is not my dream job, but it sure pays the bills and is an excellent form of cardio!

I booked a super fun gig playing outdoor games such as volleyball and frisbee at the PR event for the movie THE GROWN UPS; I ended up hula hooping most of the day and chatting with my girlfriends who also booked the job, all the while getting paid! Another stand out job this month was that I experienced my first ever live boxing/MMA event as a ring card girl at THE PALADIUM! I loved it! I was seated just outside the ropes, such a great seat that a couple of the boxers’ blood splattered all over my arms…GNARLY!!!

A month is not complete without fulfilling fantasies in FANTASY at Luxor. I performed several nights this month. While in Vegas, I was able to check mark one item off of my “30 Before 30 list.” I was at my friend’s wedding in Vegas back in April, the one where I was a bridesmaid, and I was speaking to a fellow dancer about turning 30 years old and she gave me this great idea to create a bucket list to complete by age 30. One of the items on my list was to meet with a dermatologist to have a mole removed, my body checked over for skin cancer and stop tanning in a booth. I have a dermatologist friend, Dr.Greenberg, and he managed to remove my mole, he educated me on the risks of skin cancer which encouraged me to cancel my tanning membership, and he reported that I am 100% skin cancer free! I am giving myself one year from June 1, 2010 to complete my “30 Before 30 List!” I’ve got heaps to do in one year!


Amber Strauser

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