Monday, February 28, 2011

May 2010 Monthly Update

May 2010

I am finally SAG! I had been a SAG must join for several years until I was forced to join because I booked Steven Soderbergh’s film KNOCKOUT starring Ewan McGregor and female MMA fighter, Gina Carano. My role in his film was Gina Carano’s body double. I arrived on set at 7:30am and spent much of the morning having my tattoos covered by make-up artists. I was extremely excited to work with an Academy Award winning director to find out after lunch that because it was the last day of filming they will not be getting to my scene. I was sooooo bummed): I didn’t even get to meet Mr. Soderbergh, but I know our paths will cross again, and I’ll get to tell him the story of how we were suppose to work together!

It was a relaxed month as far as traveling was concerned. I stayed in L.A. most of the month go-go dancing at PLAYHOUSE, VOYEUR and SCORES. I did make it to Vegas to perform in “Fantasy” at the Luxor and down to Long Beach to go-go for the lesbians at CLUB FLAUNT. I shot an advertisement short for an internet gaming site in Marina Del Rey and an episode of ENTOURAGE as a high paid featured extra, not exactly what I want to be doing on a TV set, but it pays the bills and I’m around established professional actors, the very people I am striving to be! I hosted an episode on PLAYBOY TV’s “Foursomes,” which was a very interesting dating reality show. (; I even booked another film, but because I am now SAG and it was NON union I had to decline. ):

Apart from working random gigs, auditioning, and taking acting and dance classes, I took the time to nurture my soul with Bikram yoga. Gosh, Bikram yoga kicks my butt!


Amber Strauser

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